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About Us


To bring awareness of higher knowing of Cosmic Order, as brought forth by Living Example, Ishvara.


Our Mission

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Alaya is a nonprofit organization dedicated to presenting the One Self that is all of Life, a higher knowing of Cosmic Order*, as brought forth by Living Example, Ishvara. Since 1990 Alaya has been the organizational framework for supporting, presenting and archiving the ongoing transformative life of Ishvara and his teachings. In 2008, Enlifement® was established for those who are drawn to courageously journey into what Ishvara calls The New Consciousness. 


Our purpose is to bring the awareness of higher knowing of Cosmic Order to the consciousness of the human family, and to support the physical manifestation of the emerging New Human** and the expression of the One True Self that is all of Life. 


Established in 1990 by Ishvara, Alaya is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with global outreach, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Alaya organization and friends from around the world embrace the knowing that you are experiencing and evolving as the physical manifestation of the universe in human form. To be aware of this is to know that you are unfolding the universe of possibilities through each direct experience that you have. In this sense, it is all about you, but this "you" is not limited by the boundaries of your skin, for you are the intelligence and the connection. You are the Universe. You are the happening. You are the energy. You are the physical body and you are cosmic love, constantly unfolding in every direction in these limitless expressions, possibilities and happenings called Life. 


In 1987 Ishvara experienced a quantum leap in consciousness, a profound awakening. Ishvara merged with Life, seeing the universe, seeing love, knowing everything without any trace of doubt. Ishvara became aware of his true being and of the significance of his awakening: a new level of existence had taken birth in human form. Ishvara could not relate his experience to anything that was recorded in any book or scripture. 


His awakening did not reveal the human life to be an illusion. To the contrary, he awoke to an accelerated state of existence here on earth, where our physicalness physical body, our body, and the experience of our human connectedness to each other and everything around us, continuously evolves to higher and higher possibilities. 


Inherent in Ishvara's awakening was a clear understanding of the programming and conditioning that prevent people from realizing their true nature and living their full potential. It became clear to him that the spiritual teachings, systems and structures that were designed to bring liberation to the individual no longer serve to bring forth the next evolutionary step for humanity. 


With liberation came freedom from consensus thinking, beliefs, and concepts, and Ishvara began to explore Life strictly from his own direct experience, following only what he calls feeling-knowing. During that time, in a deep inner experience, Ishvara became aware of his name. Ishvara is a Sanskrit word which means all that one can know of god. 


Soon Ishvara started to share his discoveries with people who felt attracted to his message. It is a message of radical transformation through letting go of conditional thinking and stepping into the direct experience of Life  as it is, moment to moment.  Through his awakening, Ishvara realized that embodying this new possibility with every fiber of his being and sharing his limitless experience are his purpose. To this end, Ishvara is available to people as a living example of what is possible for all of us. 



Enlifement is an inclusive process of transformation that transcends past systems, structures and concepts as well as religious and spiritual phenomena, including enlightenment. Enlifement is the ultimate in awakening. It is an all-inclusive, moment by moment continuous awakening to the highest possibilities of which a human-being is capable in each moment.  It is totally unrestricted, without ceiling, limitation, or boundary.


As you embrace enlifement and awaken to this awareness, you are gradually discovering your potential, 
your uniqueness, your talents, and your abilities that express Life. You are then becoming the New Human. 


* Cosmic Order: The underlying force of all that is in existence; the natural flow of the universe; the sum of all experiences and possibilities that have contributed to the vast Intelligence that is Life.

 ** New Human: The natural outcome of the ongoing evolution that is being stimulated by the New Consciousness.

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